Staubli Socket (Lance with swivel) G3/8, Air Jack
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Staubli Socket (Lance with swivel) G3/8, Air Jack

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This is the correct air jack lance for the 997 cup cars. 


        • User Friendly and Efficient: Easy Connection at 18 lbf with circuit pressure up to 870 psi. The compact design, choice of materials and the swivel option makes the Stäubli Airjack System very user friendly and efficient.
        • Lance Swivel Option: Makes supply hose more manageable during pit stops when vehicle plug is top mounted or at an angle.
        • 2 Plug Vent Options: STA-JAC06.5655 Standard Plug allows car to stay lifted when lance is disconnected, plug flange must be pulled to lower the car. STA-06.4655 Plug with Integrated Venting lowers the car instantly when lance is disconnected.
        • Faster Pit Stops: Car lifts and lowers very quickly.
        • Reliability: Long lasting shock resistant materials have been specifically chosen to resist wear and maintain optimum performance. Designed to eliminate the risk of seal ejection when connecting and disconnecting the socket under pressure.
        • Cylinders in 50mm & 60mm with Quick Exhaust "QE" option.
      •   No Internal Spring Design means weight savings over typical spring cylinders

P/n: STA-JAC06 1102/MSW

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