Pagid 2 Piece Rotor RBD - 981 - Rear
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Pagid 2 Piece Rotor RBD - 981 - Rear

Price: $839.09
  • Item #: PAGID-981-Rear
  • Manufacturer: Pagid
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Pagid Racing brake disc assemblies are a great alternative to the stock setup.

The unique Pagid design allows the "float" of this two piece system to take place in the rotor and not in the hat, so there is less wear on the hat. Less wear means the Pagid hat can be reused again and again (Generally up to 10 rotor changes). Specially designed and sized ventilation chambers optimize the cooling of the disc to maximize performance. The slotting pattern has been developed to provide the best performance and wear characteristics.

Fits Porsche 981 Cayman w/PCCB Caliper

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