Goodridge Stainless Brake Lines
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Goodridge Stainless Brake Lines

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Fits all 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman models 97-12.

Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kits are constructed from the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner and stainless steel overbraid. Replacing OE brake lines with -03 PTFE hose improves brake feel over factory lines, eliminates sponginess, and provides shorter stopping distances and consistent braking in performance applications.

All G-Stop lines go through a nine-point quality assurance testing including the materials tensile strength and 3000 psi pressure ratings. When used with an ABS braking system they virtually eliminate brake pedal “chatter”. All G-Stops conform to FMVSS106-Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard- making them DOT compliant and are TUV approved-the German standard that most international regulations follow.

-Performance Enhancement

-Safety Improvement 

-Eliminates Sponginess Under Braking 

-Increases Braking Efficiency 

-Abrasion and Corossion Resistant

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